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13th April 2020


Is it me or does the world look a little more beautiful at the moment?

We’re so lucky here in Peyia, Cyprus, to enjoy the most lovely clear blue skies and deep blue sea, with rich green hillsides and ”happy” meadows- but right now, it’s as if someone has , ”turned up” the colours!

Outside of our bedroom window, the vine is beginning to wake up , showing the lightest shade of ”new ” green whilst it’s bark has taken on the hue of a darker wood and looks so very healthy. The Geraniums are flowering, offering lilac , ”smiles” to the garden and the Poppies on the hillside, are replying in their rich, red hue….

Lemons on the tree , are gorgeous and such a true yellow colour, that it’s a shame to pick them – though I know it would upset my good friend, Gin, if I didn’t LOL!

In all, the village, which is my world right now, is just so very pretty and so very peaceful.

I know very well that we all need life to return to a new normal but am taking comfort from the fact that nature is showing just how powerful her circle of life is – and how things/plants/flowers/views which we’ve become too used to, can suddenly take on a new magic.

So grateful – especially to all of those fighting and working to make the new normal possible while most of us have the sheer luxury of living in the moment!

Thank you to you all – including Mother Nature!

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