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8th March 2012

Coffee cups and celebrations…………

So far, its been a great start to August. The sun is beautiful and we’ve light, warm breezes keeping the intensity of the heat at bay a little.
The first three days have been filled with celebration too:
– Tonys birthday on Wednesday , though he wanted no fuss at all but loved the fuss which was made – and the trip to Yialos taverna with Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou. With a James Bond style speed boat day to look forward to, he’s a happy man (had to promise him pork pies on the day too! Not normally allowed to eat them so he’s very excited!).
– Jake is doing well on his medicine and, touching wood, his ‘episode’ may have purely been a one off. We are praying this is the case
– the many holidaymakers who’ve arrived and departured have been happy, loved their villas – and the majority, are returners to us, so thats great
– and today has started with the news that John Garland, achieved a first class degree in Construction management, so his wonderful parents, Liz and Alex, are thrilled to bits. Huge congratulations to John (who normally is ‘liz’s son ‘ but has been formally acknowledged by Alex to be a ‘chip off the old block’ and get his brains from his dad!) Thankfully, John looks like Liz! (Oh,dear! Will get into trouble for that!)…

Anyway, we’ve celebrated birthdays, life, work, animals and friendship this past week and its all good. PLUS last night, we went to a local taverna with our friends whose cousin, a very vibrant Cypriot chef, reads coffee cups! Didn’t get a reading though as its bad luck, we were told, to read cups at night – but I’m going back Tuesday morning for the ‘real deal’. Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News