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7th May 2016

‘Clouds in the sky’

It’s a beautiful day here in Peyia today but the sky is decorated with light , scattered, soft white cloud. Somehow, this seems very relevant as we’re losing two lovely people from the village today, who have to return home to UK for health reasons.

Many of you will have met Sharon, the manager of The Mill wine bar in Peyia – and perhaps you’ve also had the opportunity to meet her husband, Graham too. Sadly, Graham is exceptionally ill and these strong people have had no choice other than to head back to UK, where Graham can spend his final weeks, sure in the knowledge that Sharon’s family is around her and will help you through…..

We’ve always adored these two: Sharon for her patience, good humour and lovely ways and Graham, for his sense of fun, honest manner and mischievous ways! Life hasn’t given us enough time to get to know each other well but we’re very pleased to have known them and just wish with all our hearts, that there was  more we could do to make this all ‘go away’, or get better for them – but it’s not to be.

I talked to Sharon briefly on Thursday and was touched deeply by her grace and strength. She was telling me how wonderful people have been and yet I could see that it was her who was wonderful and she and Graham who were the strong ones….

There aren’t any words to make this better but there are a whole host of people who love and respect these two people and, with their collective thoughts and prayers for them, just maybe they’ll feel a little comfort from that energy, as they go on their journey.

Peyia won’t be the same. Sending you both so much love xphoto latchi sunset