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1st January 2010

Clouds and wind – we wish!

Here we are moving into September and it is still SO very hot! Today have been a lovely day: 36 degrees plus but with cool winds blowing the (many and welcome) clouds along.

We believe the Autumn here is one of the best kept secrets……the weather is totally gorgeous and hot but the evenings cool down a little, making sleeping easier – and (for the girlies) , allowing make up to stay in place for more than a moment!

From now until end of December, we’ll enjoy blissful hot days and evenings that melt into the promise of some cooler air and gentle breezes. This really has got to be one of the best places to be in the world at this time of the year.

Even Christmas is lovely: Tony and I spend many a Christmas Day walking Alfie and Molly along the coast, taking in the sun then heading back for turkey: (Well, we are British! Got to keep the standard!).

This year sees our 20th Wedding Anniversary on Christmas Eve. Of course, as Tony never ceases to tell me, we’ve got to get there yet…..I’d almost had him convinced that 20 years is Diamond – in fact, I’d chosen the one I want – but someone let slip its China, so I’m getting a Teapot!

Actually, if you work out how many stray dogs and cats you could house for the cost of the (modest!) diamond I was looking at, I think I’d rather have the animals…….but don’t tell Tony! I’m enjoying watching him suffer!

Hope today has been kind wherever you are.

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