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11th May 2011

clever or stupid?

I was talking to Charlie cat this morning and it got me thinking….. Charlie is a very intelligent cat: 5 years old; rescued at only a few weeks old from a box in the taverna in Lefkara, Charlie still retains his feral ways but is also a very chatty, loving cat….but he is Cypriot and we talk to him in English and he understands and answers back (in cat speak, of course!)
Jake and Molly were each around 18 months old when we rescued them here in Cyprus and so must have learned Cypriot early in life but took to English words (not commands: Jake doesn’t do anything unless he REALLY wants to), very quickly.

As I’m in year 4 of learning Greek, struggling to “get” the language and feeling very stupid, how do these animals manage it so quickly? Are they “super beings” or are they telepathic? Is it a psychic link – or do they have their own version of language school where they each disappear off to each day when we are at work? I’m picturing a very brave HUGE schoolmam Kitty Cat, arriving at our home just after we leave for work and making them all sit down and do their lessons.
It would certainly explain why all our pens are missing and why there is never any paper around to write on!
Makes you think, doesn’t it? Are we missing something as humans or is life and communication so much simpler than we make it? “Think” your answers for me now and I’ll try to “pick up” your view!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News