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11th September 2012

Cleaning? No just a cat lick!

So, I’ve taken a couple of days off to nurse an infection which makes me look like a blowfish – and have decided to clean out the wardrobes and kitchen cupboards/drawers

This is VERY therapeutic – or would be if Charlie cat wouldn’t insist on eg sitting on every pile of linens I’m trying to sort; climbing into the open cupboards and drawers then scratching me when I try to get him out of the way.

I’ve managed to clean out one drawer, opened the next and Charlie was sat in the clean drawer, erm, cleaning his parts – so I have to start again!

The storms are raging so I’ve put the winter bedding and quilt on all of the beds – and Charlie is going around messing them all up to make them cat friendly. Molly thinks this is a great game, so she has climbed into the downstairs bed and is now crawling up the pillow!

Alfie is watching with interest but sitting close to the fridge coz he knows I’ve got some goodies in there for later . He’s cute enough to know they will be shared with him too!

Think I’ll give up. Time for a GnT! The sun must have gone over the yard arm somewhere in the universe by now!

Category: Cyprus Villas News