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8th February 2019

A clean swimming pool

If you book a holiday villa or apartment, did you know that the owner of the property is liable under EU regulation EN15288-2, , for the cleanliness of the water in their swimming pool and to ensure that the person/s cleaning the pool, are qualified in pool water cleaning?

The above is all for the wellbeing of you, the swimmer. Clean pool water is for healthier swimming – and unclean water is very unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

We’re lucky that, 99.9% of the owners we work for, entrust the cleaning of their pools to our sister company, The Pool People ( This company trains and retrains it’s staff to the NSPF CPO standard (National Swimming Pool Foundation, Certified Pool Operator). This means, in a nutshell, pool water is cleaned properly, 52 weeks per year, twice per week minimum – and the people cleaning the pool keep records of all they do to keep the water right! (The 0.1% of owners who don’t work with us, employ someone trained by The Pool People to clean the pool, so all good here too!).

More importantly, this means that you, the swimmer, can be confident that the villa you’ve chosen, has a clean pool- which will make swimming or chilling in the pool, an even better experience!

To book a villa with clean pool for your Spring or Summer holiday, email to

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