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1st January 2010

Clackety, clack

I found an old text on my phone – a joke along the lines of , if the Three Wise Men had been three wise women, the women would have been practical and brought blankets/food etc (apologies if I’ve upset anyone!)

Got me thinking: if the “Johnny birds” on our hill were practical in any way and had been taught to knit , (bare with me!), then there would have been a lot of “Jake” coats being worn over feathers these past two days! I throw so much Jake hair over onto the hill, to help the birds make nests, that we could easily “knit” another Jake – and I’m sure the birds have enough hair to not only line their nests but also have spare to “knit” a few little coats for the baby birds!

Nice thought – but then again, would anything that looked like Jake, smelt like Jake and was naughty like Jake, be welcome in the skies? I don’t think so (bless him!).

Mind you, if the little birds had jakes “wind power”, they’d move so quickly they’d be in warmer climes before they even felt the cold!

(Wonder if birds smell?)

(Yes, says Tony- terribly!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News