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1st January 2010

Chronia Pola!

Its my middle sisters birthday today – Happy Birthday Maxine.

There are three years (Max is younger than I and affectionately dubbed, “The Beautiful Sister”) and too many miles between us but I really hope that she is having a fantastic birthday.

Tomorrow, would be our beloved nannas birthday : she passed away nearly 22 years ago and , while I know we all think of her often, this time of year really does bring the memories flooding back…..

My birthday is on Thursday, so every 16, 17 and 18th Sept was a very special time for the “girls”: Mum and Nanna would make a big fuss of us all, with the celebrations starting on the 16th then going to until the end of the 18th. As a little girl, I remember being very annoyed that Maxine got 3 days of fun, nanna 2 and me, only 1! (How selfish is that!?) . We used to party at nannas house, with a choice of themed birthday cake each – and lots of singing, dancing and impressions: and that was only Nanna!

Years fly by and things change. Too close to 50 now for comfort (2 years off), I’m really not bothered about birthdays other than to reflect on the years gone by; thank god for a completely barmy but lovely family and feel grateful for health/family and friends now – and a houseful of wonderful animals.

Our accountant is also a Virgo: his birthday is Friday , as is his brothers, George – so the card and cake shops here in Peyia will be doing good business just out of us!

Tony and I are away on Thursday: we’re taking a week off, from tomorrow, to chill out and just relax. Its going to feel funny being away from the animals – in fact, I’m pathetically tearful about it tonight and know I’ll be worse tomorrow but it will be good to have a break (and hide from people wanting to ask how old I am on Thursday!).

For anyone celebrating September birthdays, Happy Birthday and many, many happy returns to Cyprus! Personally, I cannot wait to come back and I haven’t set off yet!

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