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1st January 2010

Christmas wishes

Its the 27th today and I don’t know where Christmas went. Tony and I worked through, welcoming and looking after holidaymakers but fitted in a lovely lunch at home in Peyia: just 7 of us; 2 people and 5 animals! The weather has been wonderful with 20 degree heat for at least 5 hours each day, so thats added to the villa holiday makers joys! Which is great, as one family of arrivals (Christmas Eve: midnight arrival!), got to Paphos to find their cases hadn’t….oh dear! Made worse by the fact that their pressies and clothes for Mum in Law and baby, were in the missing cases…..Some airline will be in Big Trouble when these people get back to UK!

Today has been quiet and very peaceful. We’ve walked miles along the cliff tops at Sea Caves and Coral Bay, giving the dogs as much exercise as we had – and they need it: their granny bought them chocolate for Christmas and its become Their Favourite Thing!!

With homemade curry and repeat TV on the box tonight, life goes on in Festive Cyprus in much the same way as the rest of Europe…..

Back to work tomorrow with arrivals preparing to party through New Year in our oasis of peace and goodwill.

Our communications company here, similar to BT in UK, have taken an impromptu holiday so internet service has been dodgy! If we’re offline again for a few days, please accept our very best wishes for a New Year filled with good health, peace, family, friends and opportunity – and plenty of Cyprus sunshine!

Kala Chrystogenna kai Chronia Polla!

(Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all of those who don’t speak phonetic (and very bad) Cypriot!).

Lynn and Tony – Alfie, Molly, Jake, Charlie and Tiff x