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1st January 2010

Christmas ‘window of opportunity’

Living in the digital age we do, with everything interconnected and accessible so easily, its fair to understand how young children are so aware of what is and could be ‘out there’….

Derek, our website and video ‘Guru’ (who is redesigning our site as I write), told me a lovely story today: his 7 year old nephew, Callum, tried to sneak his ipad to bed so his mummy confiscated it. On waking up the next day, Callum asked mummy, “What time does Google open?”…

He is obviously a very wise man and knows where to find ‘riches’ in terms of learning and purchasing – lets hope Mummy (and Uncle Derek), have their credit cards safely hidden too!

Merry Christmas to Callum, Caili and the whole family. Hope the festive season is a real window of fun, peace and great happiness for you all.x

Category: Cyprus Villas News