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25th December 2014

Christmas Magic!

Merry Christmas! I pray wherever you are, you are surrounded with love, family, friends and happiness. Tony took some photos yesterday of the Christmas Eve sunset and the Moon and Venus view. Totally magical!

This day is about magic: whether religious or not, relax into the  magic of the moment and let the angels dance in your heart. (You can see them in the eyes of the children – just have a look – and in our case, in Barney , Molly and Charlie, who are happily playing with their pressies!). Its also a day to send BIG magic and love to Mr Bob and Mrs Bob, who are having their first married Christmas together  – and have already booked their May Cyprus break!

Thank you for your support, input , friendship – and trust with Cyprus holidays! Hope to hear from you all soon. Am bedbound for a good few weeks BUT have ipad (though I HATE predictive text) , a great help in the form of Emma the Angel – and we’re here to help you book your place in the Cyprus sunshine. Email to

Till we hear from you, sharing Cyprus sunshine, huge smiles and big Christmas hugs and happiness! Have Fun! (but stay on your feet! Trust me, the option isn’t pretty!)

Lynn x

moon and venusIMG_1368 christmas sunset