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1st January 2010

Christmas kick off

Its Monday 3rd December and I’m going to put our Christmas decorations up tonight – maybe. Actually, I’m at the planning stage where I’ll consider what goes where and with what else, then I’ll do the necessary! I love Christmas – or rather I love the prettiness of lights/decorations and the feeling of a home offering a warm welcome – its just that I really cannot be bothered to do anything this evening: Tony is playing football so I’ve got total control of the TV remote!! Plus I’m reading a fantastic book, “Call me Elizabeth”, about a lady who turned to prostitution to keep a roof over her childrens heads – so I’m spoilt for choice of what to do tonight.

The dogs are walked and fed, the cats are settled and the ironing mountain can “go hang” – I’m having a night off……………

Whoops, spoke too soon! One of our villa guests needs me to go to Coral Bay to show them how to work their DVD player… maybe I could pick up fish and chips while I’m there and totally make a night of it!

Sad, or what!

Course I’ll need a few glasses of local white to wash the chips down….bliss.

“Tis the season to be merry! Tra, la la la la, la la la la!”

Category: Cyprus Villas News