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1st January 2010

christmas is coming…….

With Christmas only 9 weeks away, I was reading about ‘dream dinner parties’ where you get to invite the people to your table, who you’d really like to be there…………..its a great idea!

For me, our Christmas table would be Tony, Hayley and her family, my nanna and grandad (though they’d be in ghost form, sadly!), Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou and George Clooney for a little more eye candy! (Sorry Tony!)- and our animals of course!

It would be great to have ALL the family there but we’ve not got enough space on the table or in the oven – and certainly not enough crockery!

Course, if it were really a dream dinner party, then there would be a chef and waitress, wouldn’t there, so I’d have nothing to worry about at all!

Dream on…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News