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10th July 2020

Chicken and Dog!

If you look closely at the area around you, there are some very strange and funny sights!

This morning, I called into Golden Rose Florist, in Peyia, to organise a thank you bouquet for a lovely friend of mine, who I don’t see enough of and who’d quite literally, dragged me out to a girls dinner last night!

I had a ball! I’d forgotten how great it is to talk, ”girl stuff” – and to ignore the current world environment of fear and illness/ lack of money and anxiety about life – and just have fun!

But I digress – as I do!

So, leaving the florist, my attention was drawn to a big dog, who was in a large garden behind high fence, near the florist. Beautiful dog but looked a bit scary! There were at least two signs , ”beware of the dog” – but , watching him as he guarded the perimeter and stared back at me, I noted a huge chicken walking happily from under the shade of the tree, across the grass to see the dog……

Either the chicken cannot read or the dog is a vegetarian!

I decided not to watch……

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