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1st January 2010

cheesecake and lasagne

I give up!

Our beautiful elder god daughter, aged 18 and her lovely friend , are staying with us for a holiday – which is lovely except they don’t eat ANYTHING! Well, chips and burgers but thats about it.

Now I love chips and burgers -but for every meal? And still stay slim? No, I don’t think so.

Thought I’d give them a treat tonight and made a chicken lasagne, mozzarella salad and garlic bread – and we ended up having to cook oven chips and chicken nuggets.

Still, there was always the divine cheesecake to eat for afters – but, as I served it, they informed me that they like cheese but not in a cake and refused to try it……….

Tony and I now feel very sick: cheesecake has been eaten but by us and Jake! The girls are having a yoghurt – well, Therese is; Catherine doesn’t like them!

Still, at least it makes meal plans easy over the next few days!

Category: Cyprus Villas News