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1st January 2010

Checking in and checking out……

I love arrivals days! The excitement of what the holiday guests are going to be like, if they’ll love the villas they’ve chosen and if they’ll be the sort of people who end up being friends of ours (and many do!): its great fun!

Its quite challenging too: take today for example. The owners of the lovely 4 bed villa, Melanie, were reluctant to leave the villa at lunchtime, fully understandably. Its hard when, the villa is yours but the booking in for you, is a commercial one and you’ve got to move – not least when your flight is later tonight.

Add to that, a rare incoming flight landing 1.5 hours EARLY and there is fun and games………

With Melanie herself, still in the shower and the cleaning team beavering away downstairs, it was a recipe for amusement if not disaster. Luckily the incoming families were totally wonderful and accepted they’d landed a few hours ahead of schedule – and the cleaning team were quite prepared to help the new guests by letting them stomp through the villa which they were cleaning so perfectly.

Mel and Steve were happily getting ready, in their bedroom unaware of the sheer embarrassment I was feeling , unnecessarily it turned out – and a few cold beers did the trick for the guests

Of course, the villa itself is stunning – so all is well that ends well and jason and his family can begin a holiday without the incumbrance of the owners actually still being there. That said,I may pop back down just in case Mel and Steve have turned the car around and gone back to share a beer!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News