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1st January 2010

Charlie, Charly and Lasagne

What an evening! Charly (person – old, just reached his half century!), arrived earlier than we thought so I was on a conference call with a UK travel company when the dogs went wild, Tiff ran away and hid and Charlie kitten waited by the door to “punch” whoever was daring to come into the house. It was bedlam!

Call over, we sat down to natter about Charlys villa in Peyia and how the purchase was going – and friends turned up to collect a brochure.

5 hours, lots of wine and beer and a very meagre size, homemade lasagne for two shared between five (well, six actually, if you count Charlie kittens piece which he stole from Steve), and the evening was over!

I don’t know what was more embarrassing:

– that the lasagne I’d made wasn’t very good

– that the lasagne wasn’t very big!

– that I ran out of wine

– or that Charlie kitten sussed out that Steve is a big softie and would let the cat sit on his knee during dinner, giving the animal total freedom of access to lasagne, chips AND tomato – all with a dollop of ice cream to follow!

Alfie , Jake , Molly and Tiff were perfectly behaved – unless you count Jakes “attentions” towards Jan, who Jake decided was “his sort of woman” and wouldn’t leave alone. Pushing an 8 stone puppy off your knee when he is trying to sit on you, is no laughing matter either!

Jan came into the kitchen to help me with pud and ended up pinned up against the fridge while Jake tried to devour her! It was very funny to watch but Jan had a hard time trying to get away from Jakes advances……

During the mayhem, Tony checked a few unsuspecting holidaymakers into their villas in Coral Bay and must have seemed to them to be totally normal, everyday sort of holiday representative. Little did they know he’s head of the real “hillBellies” living in Peyia – and that his home is a mad house!

Best we keep that fact to ourselves, me thinks!

Jake now wants Jans telephone number! Charlie just wants more lasagne and Charly wants his villa sale to be completed to he can escape the mayhem!

Category: Cyprus Villas News