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1st January 2010

Charlie Cat, Honorary Dog……

We think Charlie has fallen out with the hill gang of feral cats here in Peyia. Charlie has his own bedroom here (yes, really) and gets eg breakfast in bed, supper on demand and lots of treats. Lately, when I’ve gone to see if he is in his room, it looks like a bombsite!

Ornaments have been thrown off the dressing table/leaves everywhere and bowls thrown about the room. I can only think that the Big Bad Black Cat, has been in, stolen Charlies food and trashed the joint!

Each night for the past 5, Charlie has been sleeping with Tony and I- and Molly, of course – and has snuggled up like a baby, purring his way through the night for a solid 8 hours before waking up and trying to nuzzle like a kitten. He cuddles into Molly, shares her breakfast then snoozes with her till we are ready to go out to work. Its quite funny!

Course, the way our animal luck has gone, Charlie possibly has Alzeimers or pussy cat identity syndrome . He has always thought of himself as a dog but his behaviour this week is taking it a bit too far.

I don’t mind him sleeping with us. I just worry about what the bully cats are doing when we are not around. Think Charlie needs to take Jake and Alfie out with him at night!

Category: Cyprus Villas News