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4th October 2019

Changing to the same old thing!

I had a lovely, peaceful, very early  drive to Chloraka this morning, where Andreas , our dentist, had kindly agreed to see me before his day began, to look at the tooth I’d broken a few days ago….

Not looking forward to this at all, I concentrated on the beautiful surroundings  that I passed on the way. Driving first down through Peyia village, I looked at the tavernas, all closed up but being washed and ready for the day. The hanging baskets in the village houses, proudly kept by their owner. Watched tourists walking up the hill, pink faced as they stuck to their, ”it’s our holiday so we’re going to walk” regime – and the less agile sitting in the new bus stops, waiting at least 2 hours early for the very unreliable village bus!

Then turning towards Paphos, the calm sea at Potima Bay, took my breath away. I wanted to stop and simply breath it in but the pulsating pain in the gums told me to keep going!

Along the populated road past Poppadums indian restaurant, (yum!) then towards the gorgeous Meraki Café, I turned up the steep, busy hill towards Chloraka, home to Andreas Aspro dentist practice.

Chloraka has changed so very much. It’s a village with a very pretty and traditional centre plus the most beautiful church that always makes me smile when I see it. The centre of the village is now one way, with a new tiny road, curving between the many street cafes, out towards the new housing estate and then wrapping around back to the main road.

I had to laugh at the old men , already gathered in the kafenes, sharing coffee and gossip. Wearing their traditional vest under shirts and heavily bristled, they sat on the same old chairs in the same old way – one , with his dog sat near him and another, walking from his tractor which he’d just parked in the posh newly refurbished Municipal car park.

The environment of the kafenes had changed completely, with sand blasted buildings, new pathways and smart new signs but these locals stay the same , doing what they and generations before them, have done. And rightly so!

I’d have laughed if my face didn’t hurt so much!

Still, it’s comforting to know that , as life moves forward, the things that matter stay the same: people/chatting and a decent cup of coffee or too – plus, if the men were anything to go by, all talking at the same time, very  loudly!

One change that is great, is a holiday away from the daily routine! Come to Coral Bay or Peyia, rent a holiday villa with clean pool and enjoy this wonderful place filled with history, character and the blush of newness – all wrapped up in sunshine! Email to for offers on great villas and apartments.


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