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26th February 2015

changing pools!

What a great boost the other day at one of our villas. Dave, one of our handsome team, was cleaning the pool expertly as he always does (see the badge on his jacket – CPO!) and Andrew Appleton and the team from ‘Escape to the Continent’ came to the villa to show it to a couple who are interested in moving to Cyprus!

We were so very proud of Dave and the sparkling swimming pool – and its going to be on TV! Good job we are one of the only pool cleaning companies here on the island who treat the pools fully and clean them to EU standards, regularly, isn’t it?

You can show up anytime at any of our villas and the pools will always be ready for you to swim in, with healthy clean and clear water for you and your family’s health and enjoyment.

It is February though, so I don’t think Mr Appleton was keen to jump into the water, however inviting the pool looked!

If you’ve got a holiday villa and want to have the pool cleaned to EU Law standard, protecting you and the holidaymakers, email to Its our ‘sister’ company and Sam will be happy to talk to you

Happy swimming!

photo changing pools