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1st January 2010

Chance meetings

Tony and I had dinner last night with the Ellinas family, at their beautiful villa in Sea Caves area. We met Carol and Andrew Ellinas by chance, one afternoon in a cafe in Coral Bay: we know the owners of this cafe well – and so, it seemed did they. Chatting as you do, we touched on a few points of common interest (namely commercial radio, an industry in which Andrew and I have both worked for too many years!) and we seemed to enjoy each others company.

I was caught up in what a physically beautiful family they are: Carol, blond, beautiful and very intelligent and charming, was also gentle and very kind; Andrew looks like Carol but in a manly way, reflecting her blond blue eyed looks, almost like an exact opposite of her: the ying to the yang so to speak.

And their children: well, if I were into making TV advertisements, this is the family I would choose to promote everything!

Last year, Carol and Andrew joined us at our home, to share dinner with friends of ours and we had a lovely evening. Last night, they returned the complement and we enjoyed a very relaxing evening in the company of their family and a family friend – and I have to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had this year.

Time goes by so quickly: it was lovely to just sit down , be fed a gorgeous dinner and simply let the world slip by over interesting conversation about everything and nothing.

I’ve been naughty today and too busy to drop in a thank you card, so I hope one of them reads this, accepts our sincere thanks and wishes to seem them all again very soon.

Another good thing about this lovely family is that they accept our animals: so its dinner chez nous next time, complete with the monster dogs and ravenous cats! Won’t be “politically correct” but it will be served with friendship and affection.

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