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1st January 2010

Cautious? At least she wasn’t wearing leopardskin!

My beautiful baby sister is a blood clot – and a very good one at that! She’s the very happy smiley nurse, based in the northeast, who takes your blood whilst trying to sell you villa holidays in Cyprus ……..seriously, she is amazing.

Recently, she’s scared the life out of us coz she has been taking her HGV licence. Not too scary you’d think, but Steph is an energy bundle, who loves wearing pink and leopardskin and if its pink leopardskin, all the better! So, behind the wheel of a heavy goods blood stealing machine, this beautiful angel is something to be taken seriously….

Sadly, she didn’t pass her first test. I think coz she scared the inspector with her expertise and dazzling smile. She thinks it was because she was too cautious…………….HOW can you be cautious in high winds in an HGV, I ask you? Still, she’s taking it again and is going to be confident……..

Oh dear, book your flights now – or know if something fast, large vehicle and trailing leopardskin and pink scarves, comes towards you, be very , very scared. She’s her mothers daughter and that says EVERYTHING! ……..

Love you baby sister xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News