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1st January 2010

cats, dogs and midlife crisis

What a day! Charlie is sat on a mouse – my mouse for the computer so I cannot get anything done easily. Jake is playing “tag” with Alfie but Molly is winning (don’t ask!). Tiff is still hiding in her “private quarters” and Tony is relaxing in the jacuzzi after a hard days painting.

The washing machine blew up this morning and damaged the plug of the dishwasher, so I cannot use this for the (many) dishes in the sink! I’ve ripped a nice hole in my linen leggings and I’m having a bad hair day!

The checkins confirmed for the next few days are all arriving from midnight onwards, so its night duty – and I’ve lost my torch!………..

It could be worse, I suppose: my young brother in law has apparently bought camel coloured slacks online from a famous older persons store – and my baby sister has decorated her lounge in leopard skin wallpaper and pink paint!: we could all be under one roof and trying to outdo each other on bad habits/terrible taste and mouse-retentive cats……….

Still, need to find my best smile and my going out face coz I’ve to checkout a villa in an hour……….better get a move on!

Category: Cyprus Villas News