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7th April 2012

cats, bags and weddings

OMG! Its all so VERY exciting. Susie Floozey has agreed to become Mrs The Great Raymondodoulou and we are all OVER the moon! The Big Day will be springtime next year but that gives us plenty of time to interfere with everything from dress (Susies) to clothes (TGR – we hope) to venue to what to wear ourselves and to , well everything!

So, if we haven’t annoyed this wonderful couple too much by the time May comes, there will be one HUGE celebration – starting today, me thinks!!

Oh and Alfie, Molly, Jake and Charlie send tons of love and thank yous for looking after them last week while we disappeared to Crete for 5 days. Molly is having her hair cut today, starting to try out styles for the wedding!!

happy days!