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1st January 2010

Cats and dogs and puppy dog tails……….

What a hard week it has been with our beautiful animal family! On Sunday, Charlie cat decided to ‘take on’ Molly and Jake and ‘encouraged’ them to ‘play rolling around’ with him.

A 70kilo dog, a 4kg dog and a 3 kg cat, do not make great playmates – so Charlie inevitably got squashed with one of Jakes paws and ended up quite bruised and embarrassed. Que another visit to Annie and Nikolas, our gorgeous Peyia vets …..90 euros lighter, Charlie was xrayed, given medication and home – where he’s been on bedrest for a few days. Thankfully he is fine.

I think the ‘Protector of Cats’ may have tried to get his own back on Tuesday night: Jake, sitting on the top of the first bit of our staircase, had what looked like a seizure, swallowed his tongue, collapsed, stopped breathing and seemed to be ‘gone’. It was horrific. Tony grabbed him and pulled him down the stairs, bouncing him of the stairs as he did which, thank you God, freed his tongue and got him to start breathing. Calling Nikolas to help, Jake now has to go for blood tests and MRI scan – and has been prescribed with Diazapan – which I’m sharing……………….

You’ve got to love animals but be prepared to have your heart pulled into a million pieces in the process…………..xx

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