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Category Archives: april deals in villas with pools

Decluttering and ”de story”…….
Decluttering and ”de story”…...
Well, it has to be done! The New Year is almost upon us and according to , ”them”, the experts in living a happier, more ...
Dec 31, 2017 , 0
expect the unexpected!
expect the unexpected!
What an interesting and colourful week! With happy villa holiday guests in lovely properties here, pools starting to be used regularly and the frenzy of ...
Apr 09, 2016 , 0
Enjoying living with the animals.
Enjoying living with the ani...
Like many people, I’ve been very interested in the news stories celebrating the fact that Longleat Safari Park has been going now for 50 years. ...
Mar 30, 2016 , 0
A need to know basis.
A need to know basis.
Life has a funny way of teaching you things when you least expect it to, doesn’t it? The moments sort of , ‘creep up on ...
Mar 27, 2016 , 0