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15th July 2020

Cat ‘n Job.

So we are at a point now where three of the Hilltop Gang of feral cats come to the front door to wait for their breakfast – and if the door is open, they just walk into the kitchen and shout at whoever is there! Including Barney T Rubble!

Now Barney HATES cats! The challenge he has now is that, with sight in only one eye and hips that are causing him a little bit of a problem, by the time he spots one of the little tinkers and raises his 65 kilos up to chase them, they’ve gone!

Harry, the leader of the gang, is very vocal. And I mean, VERY vocal. From the moment he spots me, he lets out a ”ýowl” that continues, increasing in decibels, until he is fed. A process which takes me approx 2 minutes, including getting out of the gate and down the steps to the pump house where the cat food is kept.

Add the fact that the threesome play, round and round the ankles ON the stairs and the whole process is dangerous to say the least!

Now they’ve invited a fourth wheel for their little ”feed me” vehicle. A lovely cream and white cat who is more regal in her demeanour but every bit as hungry and vocal as the others!

So, shopping includes daily top up of cat pouches and Barney’s food. Tony and I come last – and whatever I cook is portion controlled to ensure there is enough left as a treat for the animals.

Yesterday, I decided to have a serious talk with Harry and his gang. They need to find work – or at least, one of them does – and it needs to be well paid so the income affords food for each of them. I’m happy to contribute but it’s time they pulled their weight. After all, harry is handsome so could be in a movie. Brucie is cute and cuddly so would be great in a TV commercial. Princess is just that: she is the sort of cat the Aristocats were modelled on. As for the kitten, he’s growing the biggest pair of , erm, stotts ever to be seen on a cat, so am thinking ”feline porn movie?””…….

They obviously took me seriously because this morning, they had contributed to the food in the form of a huge carob rat, left at the front door for me……….


You’ll be able to come to meet the feral cats of Cyprus soon! Book your 2021 villa early. Email to . I’ll have trained the gang to feed themselves by then – maybe!

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