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1st January 2010

Cat in the dog house!

Having returned late last night to our home in Peyia, after welcoming guests into a villa in Coral Bay, I “rounded” Charlie cat up as normal during the hunting season and put him on curfew with Tiffy cat, in the downstairs bedroom. Curfew is very pleasant for them: they have a twin bed each, fully fitted furniture, cat milk, water and fresh food plus sheepskin covers to sleep on – but last night Charlie wasn’t happy!

I tried to reason with him that it is for his benefit: hunting continues here until end of March and, cute as he is, some big hairy Cypriot looking to shoot a little animal or bird, may mistake him for some prey and get him – but he was having nothing of it!

This morning, as I released the cats from their room and gave them breakfast, I discovered what was wrong: Charlie had actually sneaked a huge bird into the bedroom, probably as a present for Tiff (not!) and the bird was obviously being troublesome and not simply settling into its fate! The mess was unbelievable – and I’d only just cleaned up Jakes game of “pattacake” , where he pulls plants out of the pots then throws the soil everywhere, adding water from his bowl for good measure – then treading it everywhere!

Its now 10am, the sun is out; the dogs are back asleep and the cats are on the prowl again – and I’m exhausted! Charlie has been warned ( I really think he and Jake need animal ASBOs ) but he is not taking any notice. I read once that you are no-one until you’ve been ignored by a cat – and I know understand what that meant!

Am off to check in some guests to a villa in Peyia now: will smile, share their joy at the very lovely warm weather but my mind will be on the disaster zone which is currently our home! Jake is going through the “terrible twos” and Charlie is just Charlie…………they’ll be sleeping outside tonight if I get my way but god help the neighbours!

Category: Cyprus Villas News