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25th January 2021

Cat in a flap!

Sometimes, you just cannot help people or animals!

We’ve been having the room downstairs , refurbished to use as an office. As we have four of the Hilltop Gang of cats,  living around the house and knowing the nights are very cold – and Barney T Rubble certainly wont let them into the house with him, we’ve installed a cat flap.

So the door to the room is now closed, keeping the room warm. There are beds and blankets in there for Harry , Brucie, Kitten and poorly cat and all is well – except that:

  • Brucie can get out of the room via the cat flap but hasn’t worked out how to get in!
  • Harry hates us: he enjoyed his food in the room the other evening, eating alongside Brucie but didn’t follow Brucie out of the room, so got stuck! and scared! And messed everywhere. Now, he keeps at least 10 feet away from the room and me, until I put his food outside, near the tree – and he won’t come close to the food till I’m far away from it!
  • Kitten doesn’t care! He’s off sowing his wild oats again and will come back when his latest feline friend, has dumped him. Or he has dumped her.
  • Poorly cat hates people. Even people with a cat flap into a warm room where there is food – but he is drinking the milk I leave for him though keeps away from me.

It’s all going well!

I’ve tried to teach Harry and Brucie how to use the cat flap properly but to no avail. Plus I’m a little too big to get through myself and got my foot stuck trying to show how the mechanism works!

Time will tell. Tea is still at 4.30 pm for them and we check that they’ve got out of the room, around 4.45pm. Breakfast is after 8am , whenever Barney ceases to guard the gate which leads to the room.

Never work with animals, children or cat flaps!

Keep safe and well – and if you haven’t booked for Winter Sunshine in 2021 yet, why not?

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