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11th February 2010

Cat and Dogs: the revenge of the Jake monster…..,


I opened the front door this morning to let a very excited pair of doggies out for a run, when there Jake spotted Charlie sat on the mat at the front door waiting to come home after his “big night out”.

As Charlie had spent late Sunday night, lying over the back of the sofa taking every opportunity to pull Jakes tail or scratch his nose as he walked past, Jake decided to have his revenge and pushed Charlie over onto his back – then proceeded to tickle him and lick him until he was really angry.

Jake came off worse: Charlie got his claws out and scratched Jakes nose till it bled……

Alfie sat and watched and Molly shouted from upstairs, telling us she was desperate to get in amongst it all.

My Dad has always said he’d put his money on a cat against a dog – I’d rather never be in that situation but Jake tried to take revenge and got told off by his little brother….

Jakes feline a little abashed by the whole episode so may let Charlie simply walk on by next time – though I doubt it!

Category: Cyprus Villas News