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1st January 2010

Cat – a – tonic!

Charlie cat makes me laugh. We’ve just taken Jake, Alfie and Molly up the Peyia hill for a walk – and guess who followed us? We turned around to retrace our steps and there is Charlie, tail in the air, strolling along for all of the world like an honorary dog! What do you do? We just continued – and so did Charlie.

He was funny last night too: we could hear him singing outside so we looked to find him face to face with a local, feral cat who’d obviously decided he wanted to move into “animal house” and was patiently waiting for the invitation to indoors! Charlie was having none of it and was “singing” loudly and strutting his stuff to show who was boss.

Part of the problem is that Jake is actually friends with this little grey cat. We’ve seen him, by the pool, “chatting” to Jake while Jake is out there alone. I think Jake has told him this is a good place to live and that we’ve room for more and plenty of food in the cupboard for cats and dogs , so Grey has decided to try his luck!

And if that wasn’t enough, at dinner last night in Villa Stavroulla , (whose owners are totally wonderful people), we met a brand new little cream kitten who was very hungry and needs a home………so we may need to decide which cat we can possibly add to the litter of this expanding household! Luckily, Stavroulla villa is constantly full of guests, who will feed the kitten so I’m not going to worry too much about him.

Its a beautiful autumnal day here: 26 degrees and light breezes and very pleasant. Tony is on the hillside, digging up the jackaranda tree pods which have blown from our tree and settled in the hillside, developing into strong little jackarandas. He has retrieved two so far – so I’m calling them Jack and Jill, from on the hill – and, yes, of course, Charlie has gone to try to climb them and Jake is biting their tiny trunks! C’est la vie!

Category: Cyprus Villas News