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25th February 2017

carnival time in Cyprus!

It’s Carnival time of year here in Cyprus. We may not be in Rio but the people here in Paphos and across the island, are celebrating their Carnival with gusto! Music and laughter are filling the streets; colourful floats and children and adults in fancy dress; streamers and makeshift musical instruments – and the total happy chaos of crowds of good natured individuals coming together to have fun.

Carnival happens just before the start of Lent, so the locals here ensure they have an abundance of everything they are going to have to ration or give up in the run up to Easter. From ”stinky Thursday”, which was last week and brought the smell of a seemingly island size BBQ happening in the centre of Peyia village, to copious amounts of cheese dishes and pastries filled with cheese, people will eat, dance and make merry!

Culminating in Green Monday, when many take picnics to the coast, flying kites and gathering together to drink a toast or 7 with friends, the atmosphere here is one of fun and joy of being alive.

That said, Cyprus always feels like that to me! Come and experience the warmth of the Spring sunshine; the colours of the flora and fauna as they thrive in the heat and the deep blue of the sea, as it shimmers in the sun rays! With lovely villas with clean pools and apartments on friendly, quality complexes, what are you waiting for? Step into a great Cyprus holiday: email for deals and availability to Happy Carnival weekend!