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1st January 2010

Carnival and hosepipe

Its been a lovely 24 degrees warm and happy day in Paphos today. We sat in the corner cafe, in the centre of Paphos near the police station and watched the children in their costumes, as they made their way to join the floats and enjoy the occasion.

There was a great atmosphere: carnival music (eg salsa), boomed across the town and the crowds were good natured and happily trying to either dance a very bad salsa/tango or just sip cool wine and wait for the parade to come.

Tomorrow, the parade hits Peyia and we’ll see the village roads all closed to traffic while we locals throng to the centre to watch the same parade we watched today -but it will still be good fun…..

I came home to the same things too: Jake likes to wind bathe at the corner of the patio and refuses to come in- until I do my (now famous on the hillside) impression of a hosepipe being turned on then being hurled around the garden. Jake doesn’t like the hosepipe so runs inside immediately. I quite like playing make believe, so I stay out a little longer pretending to water the plants and annoy the animals…….

Tony is in The Mill. Well, someone has to be normal!

Category: Cyprus Villas News