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28th March 2019

Car Park Capers!

Those of you who’ve been lucky enough to visit Peyia village

Will know that, as the road in the centre of the village, gently climbs towards the Village Church and some of the tavernas are on the right of the road, the left-hand side hides a huge ”drop” down into what it, the huge car park for the tourists but also the place where many of the village festivals and fun take place. As well as the tidy parking spaces and newly placed, recycling bins, we also have a stage, complete with a pretty mural backdrop.

From this car park, there are steps up onto the main, lively village road or a ramp under the archway leading through the very pretty garden to the Fountain of Women, set in the magnificent stone backdrop. For somewhere to park a car, its a great location and very interesting to boot!

At 2.15pm yesterday, it was it’s a normal hive of activity. I called on my way back down the hill to the office, to feed my new found friends, the Car Park Cat gang, who hide just past the bins but neatly under the blossoming bushes, so they are safe but can easily join in the fun if anything is happening.

I met this gang of, initially 2 and now 5 plus Garfield,(a huge cat who lives above the car park and seems to be Boss!), approx. 3 weeks ago. They are so very cute and now very friendly as they are being fed daily by someone locally and every other day, by me.

Or so I thought! Yesterday, I was there earlier than normal and one of the school buses had pulled into the car park to drop off some students. As I pulled in, I saw that a couple of the parents were feeding the little gang – and some of the children were fussing over them! Each of the little feline blighters was sitting to attention, looking for all the world like a child dressed up on a Sunday – and eagerly awaiting their early afternoon treats! No wonder they seem content when I visit at teatime!

So I left the chicken breast I’d cooked for them, in my car and called back at teatime to see them. Of course, none of them ”let on” that they’d been fed and cuddled earlier: they simply accepted food and attention with their normal gentle disdain then licked their paws and disappeared into the shrubs, leaving the car park empty other than my car and me, warmed at the thought that their lives seem to be a little more fun that it would seem.

Wonder what is going to happen today? I bet there will be many kind tourists, stopping to have a cuddle with them after leaving their cars… No doubt, Garfield has explained to his team, what a ”red plate” car is and how to ”perform” for the tourists! I do hope so anyway!

If you’d like to meet the Car Park Gang and enjoy Peyia this year, email to and I’ll send you great offers on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations.

Have a Purrfect day!

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