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1st January 2010

Capsule Cases

My gorgeous friend Mary is due here on Saturday with her two lovely daughters. She has been asking me what to bring/where we’ll be going etc and decided about a week ago to simply bring “capsule” wardrobe for each of them – all fitting nicely into one case.

Well, I think she meant, “space capsule” coz she’s been running through what she’ll bring and the “just in case” stuff she’ll pack, well, er, just in case!

I fully understand.

When I go back to UK for radio work, the trips are normally only 4 days, 5 nights and daytime meetings long -but I still take a huge, strong and heavily filled case – into which I pack all the goodies I buy when let loose on UK shops!

It must be a girl thing!

Another “girl thing”, is putting lipstick on: I get laughed at regularly because of my lippie addiction: I’ll reapply before opening the front door; getting out of the pool; meeting guests staying in villas in Coral Bay and Peyia (which is understandable) – but before walking the dogs? Well, thats questionable but its based on the “just in case ” theory: imagine the aliens landed when I was on top of the hill and were trying to guess the age of the strange creature with fake blonde hair and red lips……at least I’d have red lips so they’re eyes (if they have them) would be drawn from the wrinkles to the lippie!

Mind you, they’d probably be more taken with Molly, Alfie and Jake; each of them totally gorgeous in their own doggie way and all very big characters! Jake occasionally has lippie kisses on the white bits of his head coz I nuzzle him when I’m cuddling him. Alfies lippie marks cannot be seen and Molly is such a little delightful bundle of straggle, that you wouldn’t see the lippie if I painted it on her!

Anyway , in Marys capsule will be some new mascara for me – and, come to think of it, I’d better ask her to nip to the famous UK chemist named after footwear and grab some number 65 lippie for me! I’m using it up at the rate of knots (and kisses!!).

Pucker up! xxxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News