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1st January 2010

Can you keep up?

Now you can probably sense this but I’m blogging on an all new, highspeed broadband connection from my office at home! It is so exciting – not least that it has actually worked! We switched the home line over from the office at home and moved the office line to the new office in Peyia. Phew!

There was a tricky moment when all the lines were switched off and the man from Cyta (like BT but more handsome workers!), was frowning. Then he was just about to sort it and Jake jumped up at the window, the man panicked and the box fell off the table…………

Aaaaah. At least all is well. Just three billion emails to catch up on and arrivals to sort later so its life as normal.

Doesn’t feel any different really but I have to ask: How was it for you?!

Category: Cyprus Villas News