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1st January 2010

Can we talk?

Something VERY SERIOUS and VERY SCARY happened in Peyia today: we were given notice by the electricity authority that there was essential maintenance work today, so we’d have no electricity from 5am to 5pm

That wasn’t the scary bit!

Having got up, cooked breakfast on the gas BBQ, gone for a lovely, long walk along the very wet , coastline at Paphos, Tony and I came home to enjoy the afternoon…………..which meant, with no internet, TV, radio, music or interference, we had to TALK!!

I cannot remember the last time I saw Tony so frightened! He obviously has friends “up there” because, just as I got into what I wanted to talk about, the power came back on early – just in time for the football match

The talk will have to wait – but as Tony pointed out, at least now I can cook him a roast dinner while he enjoys the match! We really need to talk about who does what around here……. another time maybe!