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1st January 2010

Can I help you? He certainly hoped so!

Tony and I share the meet and greet duties. We’re old fashioned and believe that every holidaymaker who books one of our holiday villas here in the Coral Bay area, needs to feel welcome, safe and know there is someone here to help them, if they need help – so we personally meet and greet every guest and party of guests at the resort, go with them to their villa, show how everything works – and mainly, give them face/s to recognise should they have a problem and need some help.

We both really enjoy meeting our guests! Its lovely seeing their faces when they get to the villas and realise that we’re overdelivering on promises: the villas are lovely.

A couple of days ago, knowing we cannot both be everywhere, we shared out the arrivals – and, interestingly, my gorgeous husband managed to “draw” for himself a party of 7 young, single girls to welcome, whilst I met a very lovely Scottish couple whose arrival coincided with the party of girls.

As one of the “perks” of his job is having to call on bikini clad ladies to check that they are okay. Well, as Tony says, its tough – but someone has to do it!

So he bravely waited for the girls, ready and willing to do his duty and help them in anyway…….

They arrived; were totally lovely and ready to party – but also totally self sufficient and not inclined to need “help” from anyone: even a very handsome and helpful local englishman!

Relieved? I think we both were – 7 is probably just a few too many ladies to have to look after in anyone week!

Category: Cyprus Villas News