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24th June 2014


Its been a busy old day here in the office in Peyia. Many last minute bookings for holidays/new pool cleaning contracts taken on and checking on gardening and contracts we hold. All interesting and great fun but very tiring today in searing 30 plus degree heat.

Sam, Mark (our accounts manager) and I , have been squabbling about the question of ‘Aircon ON versus Aircon OFF’ in the office. With it on, its too cool, with it off, its too hot. We just get to the right temperature when the door opens and a customer walks in – and we have to start regulating the temperature all over again. Terrible problem to have!

The day has included repairing beds/replacing kettles/pool nets and all of the things which come with property management. It would be fun for holidaymakers to look ‘behind the scenes’ to see what happens to make their holidays seem ‘smooth’!

Anyway, I’m almost done for the day in the office so am focused on a cool glass of Gin and Tonic and sitting in my garden, enjoying the view for an hour or so till I start on the emails again. Bliss! (Photo is of my garden gate – I’m picturing opening it as I write).


If you’re picturing yourself here at the end of a long day, sipping wine, email to me on and I’ll see how I can help!photo gate garden