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1st January 2010

Buzz words

Amazing how many times this weekend I’ve heard the word, “fusion”. Whether describing food/colours or cultures, it seems to be the buzz word at the moment – and I’m sure I really don’t understand it at all!

I think Jake has been trying his own “fusion” today: not content with trying to eat Charly cat, he’s been nibbling Molly Mou too – and our bums whenever we’ve turned around. Must have fancied an “animal/human fusion”.

Course, Molly is her own brand of fusion: a tiny dog who thinks she is a cat and climbs on the back of cushions; washes her face with her paws and growls like she’s a tiger plus snores like a trooper: Perhaps she’s a “confusion”?

Charly cat is fused in his thinking with dogs: and sits in the row of three dogs to get his share of food whenever its on offer plus eats dog food.

We’ve had a day of friends visiting for coffee and working checking in guests to villas in Coral Bay – so we’ve had a “fusion” of a day (or something beginning with “f” anyway!).

Boutique is another buzz word: this is where I used to buy clothes now its used to describe hotels! What exactly is a boutique hotel? One which sells the latest fashion?…….I think I’m getting old!

Anyway, its late and I’m tired so I don’t know about any other “words of the day” but I’m about to “buzz off” to bed – where a fusion of Molly and Tony snoring will no doubt lead me to wishing I was resting in a boutique hotel somewhere quiet and more fragrant!


Night night!

Category: Cyprus Villas News