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7th July 2018

Busy Office!

My outside office  has been very busy since 6.30 am this morning!

As well as the normal flow of emails from people wanting to book holidays/those who are here wanting to book eg boat trips or choose todays restaurants, I’ve had an array of ”guests”, running down the walls, across the floor and even sitting on the table with me!

Molly Mou and her partner in crime, Barney T Rubble, have been chilling just inside the house where it’s a little cooler than the ,(already), 35 degrees outside but in the heat, I’m sharing the garden room with many little birds, who are using me as a target to ”fly past”, I suspect to see who dares fly closest to me! I’ve already fed them, so they aren’t asking for food.

Harry Cat, who lives up the hill but whose mission in life is to torment Barney, has dared to climb down the fence and run around under the table , just shy of Barney’s paws – but the big dog wasn’t having any of Harry’s antics today, so the cat has skulked off – for now!

Lizards are scurrying about on the floor. Some new and tiny, running elegantly across the table top too; one other , huge and potentially, ”grandad lizard”, in charge of the young for the day. He seems tired and more measured in his movements but still as curious about humans as the rest of his brood.

Now my cup of tea is being investigated by an unusual looking fly……it’s manic!

Still, I’m here; working and happy to be alive! Which seems to be something I share with the rest of the ”gang” here this beautiful morning!

With deals on great villas on offer from end of July through to end October and lots of properties to share for 2019, what are you waiting for? Kick off you weekend with a winning holiday deal, in the net! My friends and I are waiting to hear from you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News