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1st January 2010

Bumps a daisy..

Yvonne, one of our team, was called out yesterday to see a client. I was sat happily in the office in Peyia when, moments after she’d left the office, she came running back in, in a bit of state telling me she’d crashed.

I ran outside and sure enough, she had: thankfully not badly and more to the point , neither she nor anyone else were hurt but her lovely white sports car was scratched the full length of the passenger side – and the red car she’d hit, had a dint along the length of the passenger side too.

Christos Christodolou, our trusted insurance man, came to the rescue and called to the office to ask Yvonne what had happened so he could “fillet” his form.

Yvonne sighed and explained that it wasn’t her fault: the red car normally isn’t parked there so she was looking at the truck which is always parked on her drivers side rather than at the other side of the car. She said she reversed as normal, watching the truck getting closer in her drivers mirror and avoiding it easily – as she scratched her way down the red car which shouldn’t have been there coz it wasn’t normally parked there!

Glad I’m not filleting the form!

Category: Cyprus Villas News