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1st January 2010

Bringing home the bacon

Okay, Jake is DEFINITELY a person in a huge hairy dog suit! Why? Well, because of everything he does but this morning just takes the biscuit!

Tony went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. He got a huge welcome from Alfie, Charlie and Tiff (molly still in bed with me, having a snooze/cuddle). No sign of Jake.

My cup of tea duly arrived upstairs, as did Alfie, Charlie and Tiff, (because there was no sign of Jake).

After about 15 minutes, we all came back downstairs to the kitchen, had another cup of tea – and still no Jake!

Oven on, Tony decides to make himself a “big breakfast”: sausages, tomatoes, eggs, toast and ……bacon.

Except there isn’t any.

It was in the fridge and has now gone from the fridge.

And still no sign of Jake.

Shouting for me to ask where “I’d” put the bacon, Jake arrives at the front door with the lost pack of bacon still in wrapper, in his teeth. He strolls straight to the oven, sees the preparations for breakfast, drops the bacon by the bottom of the oven, sits down, crosses his paws and waits for “his breakfast”!

He is still there. The bacon isn’t – its in the bin but the sausages look to me like they’ve got Jakes name written all over them – so Tony needs to keep his eyes open!

As to how the bacon left the fridge, Tony could only have turned around for a moment to put the milk in the tea and Jake stepped up and took his prize.

This puppy is almost human, down to his casually crossed legs and love of sitting on settees watching TV!

Category: Cyprus Villas News