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10th February 2013

Breakfast visitors

Yesterday, a party of 8 Chinese people came to our house for an impromptu breakfast cuppa. I’d gone to meet them at their new villa in Peyia but they didn’t have the key, so I brought them home to our home- where Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William were having breakfast.

I did ring to warn our household but Tony forgot to tell him Mum but when the first of the party appeared in the breakfast room , smiling and taking photos, TWT acted like a pro and simply sat up, rounded her vowels and behaved like a queen!

Quite what the Chinese party thought of the foursome who currently inhabit our home; with the cat, Charlie, who insisted on following them around – with Molly dog- is beyond me . But they kept smiling and thanked us very much

I’ve been winding Tony Without Teeth up that , in Shanghai, she and Wicked William will appear on posters for the ‘joys of living in Peyia’ – and that they will be singlehandedly responsible for the upturn in property sales…..

I think both she and Wicked William loved every second of the attention – and I was so relieved to see that TWT did have her teeth in – and WW had his trousers on. Its taken me 14 days , but I’ve got them trained!

Category: Cyprus Villas News