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13th August 2015

Breakfast at home Peyia style!

photo barney and ted 2So, Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William have arrived safely – and so it begins….Last night was quiet-ish. They were both very tired after their flight, understandably, so Tony Without Teeth didn’t really feel like telling us too much gossip – though got in three terminal illnesses, one kidney failure and a marriage breakdown before I’d made the cup of tea!

The sun broke through the early morning haze this morning – and Wicked William broke the sink in their bathroom. “Its a push up plug”, we advised. “Whaddya say?”, he replied, “Why doesn’t this plug push down the hole”, he continued…………enter flood and need for a sink repair!

Tony Without Teeth and I continued to eat our breakfast outside their bedroom window during this attack on the sink but listened to the chaos but Wicked William came outside to tell us more, wearing his cotton pj bottoms without buttons – or dignity – so his ‘friends’ joined the breakfast team and I had to give my toast to Barney T Rubble coz I just couldn’t eat – or look at WW!

Still, all fine now. I’m in the office. The wrinklies are either safely tucked away in strong clothing or sat by the pool and the office is peaceful. Tonys brother arrives on Saturday and takes ‘ownership’ of the next Wrinkly adventure, so we’ve only 48 hours, 3 mugs and one spotty teapot left to ‘kill’……..Its shepherds pie for tea (the Wrinklies haven’t got their own teeth though do share each others!) and a VERY large G (bottle) n T for me – and Wicked William, who loves a tipple !

Family holidays are great! Why not book one early for 2016? Check our availability by emailing to – and share your holiday stories with me too. I cannot believe its only our family who are this crazy!

The photo , above, is of Barney T Rubble protecting his Ted from the toothless twosome!