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1st January 2010

brand label?

Its been a busy weekend with many arrivals and departures in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia: over half of the guests returning to us for the third year, which is lovely.

Taking time out late Saturday afternoon to BBQ with our friend Charly and his friends , who are here staying in Villa Lily May for a week, we all had to watch the antics of the dogs and cats who were trying to join in the fun – and get some lamb or sausages!

Molly is really good and sits patiently, batting her eyelashes and smiling at her victims: Alfie, bigger and more subtle, just stares them out until they give in to the biggest, saddest brown eyes you’ve ever seen and feed him.

Jake tries out his two prong attack:

– first he just gets on his back legs, towering over most of us and simply steals the food from the hot BBQ


– he pushes himself past your chair, which topples over because of his size, leaving your plate open and the contents available to him……

On Saturday , we were ready for him, so he didn’t get away with any of the above. Instead, Bev, Sue and I were discussing shoes (Bevs were lovely) and I was saying how i dream of owning and wearing only Jimmy Choo shoes. Sue laughed, pointed at the patio and we all looked:……..

Jake had stolen one of Sues shoes and was eating it to get our attention.

So, I’ll not be getting Jimmy Choos but have my own supply of Jake Chews whenever I need ’em!

(Must train him to take both shoes, not the left of every pair!).


Category: Cyprus Villas News