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1st January 2010

Boys will be boys………….

Having been in sick bay for three nights following yet another fight on the hill, Charlie cat was let out last night. His wounds have healed and he was obviously itching to go and play – jakes nose was getting too much of a battering, so we opened the doors……

The night went quietly enough. Tony got up to do the early morning check in to the villa in Coral Bay then came back to bed. No sign of Charlie. No noise from the hill, so all was well.

This morning, Charlie appeared for breakfast, strutted his stuff around the dogs in the kitchen then climbed onto the back of the sofa to spend the morning as he normally would. I went to his room to replenish his daytime treats- and discovered his guilty secret: He’d spent the night with a big old bird he’d picked up and had brought her back to HIS room for the night!

I was furious!

Feathers everywhere and not a pole in sight! Charlie just looked nonplussed while I shouted at him about his age/behaviour and the fact that he’d obviously let the bird go home without her clothes (the feathers were strewn everywhere)……

Until I find a carcass, I’m going to believe that the bird gave as good as she got – then let Charlie in the lurch: the thought that she is in Charlies tummy is just TOO much to think about.

and the thought that Charlie might have, no , lets not even go there…………

Category: Cyprus Villas News