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9th February 2013

Boys day out

During checkins to the lovely villas Sea View in Coral Bay and St Killians in Coral Bay, I sat for a while at home and watched the world go by from the hill.

A herd of goats started to meander slowly towards our house . As they got closer, I realised they were all male – and out for a good time, ‘butting’ each other out of the way and generally having fun.

A little distance behind them, the ‘ladies’ started to stroll slowly up towards their beaus – but the men were having none of it and shot quickly into the trees to the left of our villa

Only one, very brave billy goat, stayed to ‘welcome’ the females. As he kept looking over his shoulder to see where his pals were hiding, he was either on a dare – or desperate for a female! The girls were great and ignored him totally, walking past, swishing their tails and not giving a moments thought to the boys and their games.

Some things are the same the species over!…

Category: Cyprus Villas News