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1st January 2010

Bouquets and bolognese

What a day! Started with a phone call from some of our villa guests in Coral Bay to say the villa next door had been broken into and could we come down – which we did. Thankfully, no-one was hurt and the incident had been a “one off”, according to the police: smash and grab of cash/cards. Sad that this happens at all on this lovely and normally very safe island…………home at 6.15am and back to sleep to be woken by a visit from Sue and Ray, who were bringing me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to say “sorry youve been ill”. I LOVE flowers – and I love Sue and Ray too: they are great friends and were just what the doctor ordered!

Course, one of the best tonics for any form of illness is my completely barmy and beautiful friend, Nicola, who arrived early hours here with her two sons, Sam and Ols. I haven’t seen them for too long and they are such good company, I’m thrilled to have them here – we’ve had such a laugh today!

Ols, aged 13 years and many thousands of attitude, cooked dinner for us all: spag bol – and we have to say, it was totally lovely!.

Sam, 14 and very fanciable (oh, he’ll kill me for that!), helped his mum and I with daft little jobs around the kitchen while we all waited for tea.

I’m thinking of introducing a chef into our villas :eg a “call out a chef” service for people staying in villas in coral bay or peyia. Booking in advance, they can choose which night/menu etc and just chill out for the night having someone do the work.

Maybe Ols could fulfill this on works experience? Or Tony: he’s a great cook? If any budding chefs are reading this, please do drop me an email and apply!!

Jake, Alfie, Molly and the boys are having great fun: Jake is chasing Ols who chases Molly who wants Alfie…..and so it goes on………….me thinks there’ll be tears before the weeks out and they won’t be mine!

ps 48 hours to the “Dragon sets down” on the island………… this space!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News